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  • Jun 29, 2012
  • Chennai VIdeo Administrator
  • Cinema

June 29th, 2012
3D Theatre at Kamala Cinemas

Kamala Cinemas located in Vadapalani, Chennai is happy to announce that they are ready with DCI (Digital Cinema Compliant) projection system.  

The three major Hollywood companies have joined together to set a standard for digital cinema.  This has created all the film makers to produce their cinema on an even keel and this initiative helps the theatre owners to gear up to the standards laid out by the Hollywood studios.  In those days when the movies were screened using the film sent to the theatres by the producers the films were exhibited uniformly.  But with the advent of digital Cinema there are various platforms and resolutions and various projectors to show these movies. DCI has cut through the confusion and set a standard. 

This DCI seeks to show its movies in the 2K format using the High end BARCO projectors and servers that are imported from the USA. The screen too has been changed to a Silver Screen that can help reflect the light better for 3D projections. Along with the 2k projection system Kamala Cinemas has also installed the very advanced 3D projection system also, for a great #D viewing experience.  They call the RDC meaning Real Digital Cinema. This is big step that Kamala Cinemas has taken to keep pace with the technological advancements that are happening out there in the world.

The Director of Kamala Cinemas Mr. CT. Valliappan is hoping that Spiderman will be a huge hit as his Cinema has spent big bucks to comply with Digital Cinema in a big way rather than choosing cheaper alternatives that are not DCI compliant.  He believes in giving the best to the guests of Kamala Cinemas in quality and comfort. Their slogan says it all – “Committed to quality cinema”.