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  • Mar 9, 2012
  • Chennai VIdeo Administrator
  • Cinema

March 9th, 2012
Comedy scenes are second super stars _Vivek

on March 8th Audio of “Kanja Koottam” was launched in Prasad Lab and Mr Vivek was the Cheif guest. On releasing the audio Mr vivek said “earlier the films were released in 4 theatres and ran for 100 days. But now released in 100 theatres and running for 4 days. We have to check whether the film is on show in the particular theatre. It is not even sure of success with big budget and big artists and also not sure of flop with small budget and introducing artists.

I think the name Kanja Koottam itself attract people. In this current scenario, a film should be with a good story. Super star Rajinikanth is the no 1 superstar. And the second super star is the comedy scenes. Superb comedy will support a film more than other things. I hope there will be comedy scenes to entertain people in this film also.”