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  • Jun 26, 2012
  • Chennai VIdeo Administrator
  • Cinema

June 26th, 2012
I’ll do anything for good cinema – Shaam

Shaam has done an extraordinary thing which is even dangerous to his health, but just for the sake of his passion towards good Cinema. Directed by VZ Durai, 6 is a different movie in which Shaam appears in 6 get ups and shot in 6 different cities. To make his getup perfect, Shaam reduced his weight from 89 kgs to 72 kgs and grew long hair and beard for this movie. When the director told that he need something different to make his role unforgettable, the actor decided to go sleepless to bring bulging effect in his eyes.

When Shaam arrived in the sets, the entire unit including director Durai was shocked and even not at all ready to believe the look.  

Immediately the director shot the required scenes and requested the actor to go for complete rest to get back his usual look. “By god’s grace, I got my original look with in a week,” says the actor.

Shaam said further, “Our great legends Rajini sir and Kamal sir are always my inspiration for taking any kind of risks for the betterment of the character. I was shocked when saw Rajini sir’s risky efforts for Robot character in Enthiran. Kamal sir surprised me in films like Dasavatharam. For 6, I just following the footsteps of Rajini and Kamal sincerely. Because this is the most important film in my career. I never used makeup kits for this movie.”