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March 24th, 2012
A day long fast in Jantar Mantar by Anna on 25th March

New Delhi: “An all-party meeting was convened on the Jan Lokpal bill but no consensus could be reached. If the government does not bring the Jan Lokpal bill by the 2014 election, we will have to organize a big movement,” said the anti-graft activist after the meeting.

Referring to the poll results of five states in which the Congress fared badly, Hazare said the Congress will have to face poor results in the 2014 general elections if the bill is not passed.

“We are not fighting against the government but for the better future of citizens of this country. People want the Lokpal bill and they are enthusiastic about it,” he told reporters.

“The government said yes to our bill (Jan Lokpal) in the joint committee, standing committee and even in parliament, but reversed its decision suddenly,” he added.

Hazare said Team Anna will travel across the country and tell people that the government’s version of the bill is “useless”.

“Twenty-five people who fought against corruption were murdered. We have been stressing on protection of whistle-blowers through a law but the government is not ready to do it,” he said.

“On 25 (March), we will tell people that the government is insensitive. We shall sit at Jantar Mantar,” said Hazare who will sit on a day-long fast in solidarity with the families of slain whistle-blowers.