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June 25th, 2012
Mr PA Sangma hopes for a miracle!

 P A Sangma is now hoping for a “miracle” to see himself emerge a winner, even as he denied being a “tool” in the hands of those supporting him.

“Yes, miracles can and do happen in this world…it happens…I believe in miracles. You are right. I do believe in miracles,” Sangma said when suggested that only a miracle could ensure victory for him as over 60 per cent of the electorates have already extended their support to Mukherjee.

Sangma said it was not right to tick him off even before the Presidential poll and claimed that God was with him.Politics moves very fast…This is politics. In politics anything can happen…Things will change everyday, you just watch,” he told Karan Thapar in Devil’s Advocate programme on CNN-IBN. – Courtesy CNN IBN

The tribal leader denied being used a “tool” by BJP to win over other political allies or by Naveen Patnaik to woo 25 per cent tribals in Orissa.

“Not at all,” he said. He, however, suggested that even media is playing as a tool in someone’s hands and said, “We are all tools. You are a tool for someone. I am a tool for someone. Don’t bring in these petty things.”