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March 13th, 2012
Second anniversary of MASC

Second Anniversary of MEDIA ARTS AND SCIENCE College took place in Russian Cultural centre. Welcomed by Mr Babu Ramasamy, presided by Jayam Raja, Prizes distributed by Mr Valliappan Raju and the Best media award for this year been conferred to MR Nikhil Murugan for his remarkable service to media industry. Sovenir was also released by Mr Jayam Ravi

Addressing the second annual day, Mr Jayam Raja told that in his earlier years, Raja was studying in film Institute and Ravi was studying Viscom. Both used to fight about the importance of both the courses. So Raja used to feel jealous whether the Viscom is great. But he is happy that this MASC is having both the studies in one college.

His address to the students is as follows:

The parents of these students need not worry about them as they are learning more about film industry. This industry will patron even the persons without knowledge about the industry. so need not worry about them.

The job done for happiness will bring more satisfaction than the job done for money. When the Passion becomes Profession, we need not explain about the satisfaction.

Art is the only thing that can relax us from many of the sorrows and problems. So performing an art gives utmost satisfaction than any other job.

My father is my Guru, he used to say ” what you say should be understood even by a common man”
If you want houseful board, then the film should be understood by all.

Knowledge should be backed by creativity and difference. then only you can stand alone in a group and win the race.

Animation and graphics plays a major roles in the industry now.

He also answered number of questions raised by the students very interestingly