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April 3rd, 2012
Temple in Wheels: chariot of Sri Kapaleeswarar

Chennai:THE HUGE, elaborately decorated edifice of the chariot of Sri Kapaleeswarar, the presiding deity of Mylapore, pulled by a thick rope. There is a roar as thousands of enthusiastic volunteers pull the chariot. One can hear the burst of clapping from bystanders assembled on either side of the street.

The car festival of the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple has been drawing increasing crowds over the past few years. Although numerous festivals are celebrated around the same time at other Shiva temples across the State, such as the Ekambaranathar temple at Kanchipuram or the Thiruvanaikaval temple at Tiruchi, Mylapore’s car festival is special because it is close to the heart of Chennai and deity close to the heart of people

It is that time of year when Mylapore reverts to its old village status, and the streets around the temple come alive with vendors selling everything, from long green cucumbers to terracotta pots, brightly coloured plastic toys and many other things.

Traffic is diverted from the roads around the temple tank, and Police and Fire services are on standby on the appointed day. Since crowds have been swelling every year, such simple precautions are necessary.

Temple ther (ratham) is also termed as temple at Wheels.. There are lot of sculptures in this ther of Kabaleeswarar. We can see the awesome scenes in wood in this chariot which includes angan poompavai with sambandar, pooja of mayilammai, lots of lords with different music instruments, samayakuravargal, ashta dik deivangal etc..

Moreover, the ther sculptures are filled with dirts and oils. If it is been cleaned like Madurai Meenakshi temple ther, this marvelous work of our artisans could be enjoyed more.