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April 17th, 2012
Udhayanidhi Stalin – Entertainment tax rebate for OKOK..

Chennai: Red Giant Movies producer Mr Udhayanidhi Stalin addressed the media today regarding the deny of Entertainment Tax exemption to his recent movie Oru Kal oru Kannadi. This film has got the high appreciation from all walks of people.

Red Giant has got the Censor certificate as U ie the movie is eligible to see with family and so they have applied for tax exemption. Even after a months time, Officials have not fixed the appointment to see the film.

So the Red Giant Movies approached the court to order to see the film. Court ordered to see the film on 16th April by the officials. Producer has got the information that the 7 member panel had noted that the film is not eligible for exemption. But he his pointing out the other films recently released which got exemption in 7 days and also he pointed out there was english lyrics in the song as well as violence there. But so many films have got exemption immediately.

Mr udhayanidhi stalin expresses his feel that due to political grudges his films are facing such problems. He is also very clear that he is not a politician but an artist though his father is a politician.

His 7 am arivu also got the exemption after a very long time ie after two months time only. He says that this not only affects him but also the distributors, theatre owners etc.. who are depending on his profession.

He put forth his strand in this issue to the media..,